Chat with ChatGPT plugin Meme Creator

Thank you for being a part of our beta program! Your feedback and input are incredibly valuable to us in improving the program and making it the best it can be for all users.


1. Why is the plugin not responding or giving an error message during chat?

As you may have experienced, we have been facing some issues with the chat functionality of our plugins due to API access failure. Additionally, ChatGPT 3.5 model often fails to understand openAPI, which results in the failure to construct requests. We have discovered that the ChatGPT official platform does not use the 3.5 version, but rather the more advanced GPT-4. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these issues.

2. How do I install and use Meme Creator on the ChatGPT website?

Open your web browser and go to to visit ChatGPT. Make sure you have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. Click on the dropdown menu located at the top of the page to select the desired model. Look for the "Plugins" option, which should now be visible. Click on the "Plugins" option. If no plugins have been added, click on the Plugins dropdown menu on the right and select "Plugin Store." The Plugin Store will appear. From there, you can choose the plugins you want to install. Click on the "Install" button to install your desired plugins. You can install multiple plugins at once. After installation, you will see the plugin logos appear under "Plugins." This indicates that you have successfully added the plugins.

3. Can I install Meme Creator if it's unverified?

Yes. Go to, Select the “plugin model” > Select the “Plugins”, “Plugin Store” > “Install an unverified plugin” or “Develop your own plugin, paste this url:

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