Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ

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Kodulehe Tellimine OÜ created 8 GPTs

  • ArtisEve logo


    A passionate art guide, Eve brings art history to life with insightful stories and personalized art experiences.

  • Eesti-soome tõlkija logo

    Eesti-soome tõlkija

    Eesti-soome keelte vaheline tõlk spetsialiseerunud veebidisainile ja tehnoloogiale.

  • English German Translator logo

    English German Translator

    Translator for web design & tech, from English to German with cultural nuance.

  • English Latvian Translator logo

    English Latvian Translator

    Translates English to Latvian with a focus on web design and technology, ensuring accuracy and cultural nuance.

  • Estonian-English translator logo

    Estonian-English translator

    Translates Estonian to English, specializing in web design and technology terms with cultural sensitivity.

  • Meta Muse logo

    Meta Muse

    Crafting and assessing SEO-rich meta titles and descriptions — let's optimize your web presence!

  • Narcissism Scanner for Social Media logo

    Narcissism Scanner for Social Media

    Detects and assesses narcissistic traits in social media texts and articles using a detailed 10-point scale. Submit your link or content for analysis!

  • Web Content Quality Scale logo

    Web Content Quality Scale

    A detailed assessment framework for evaluating website content, focusing on quality, relevance, and credibility through key metrics like user engagement, expertise, and evidence to enhance audience trust and value.