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awesomegpts.ai created 12 GPTs

  • Audio Weaver logo

    Audio Weaver

    Versatile audio and music generator, casual yet professional.

  • Coffee Novice Guide logo

    Coffee Novice Guide

    A beginner-friendly guide to basic coffee knowledge.

  • Explorer Whiz logo

    Explorer Whiz

    Engagingly answers kids' 'whys' (ages 3-6) with fun and simplicity.

  • Homework Tutor logo

    Homework Tutor

    AI Teaching Assistant that guides students to deeper understanding

  • Humble Student of Prophecies logo

    Humble Student of Prophecies

    Explains some of Prophet Mohammad's prophecies to affirm his Prophethood.

  • LocalBuzz logo


    Adaptive Locations assistant with personalized recommendations.

  • Munger Mentor logo

    Munger Mentor

    A GPT embodying Charles Munger's wisdom in business, investing, and life.

  • News Navigator logo

    News Navigator

    Nuanced news assistant for research & content writing, adept at controversial topics.

  • Pixel Dreamweaver logo

    Pixel Dreamweaver

    Your AI buddy for crafting some cool videos

  • ReplicateGPT logo


    Technical API model handler for Replicate, using URL-based file inputs. Use any model on replicate.

  • Scholar GPT logo

    Scholar GPT

    Enhance research with 200M+ resources and built-in critical reading skills. Access Google Scholar, PubMed, JSTOR, Arxiv, and more, effortlessly.

  • Shopping GPT logo

    Shopping GPT

    Shop Smarter, Save Bigger! Quickly find top-rated gems and the best deals in the shopping sea!