Lit Review Draft: Air Pollution's Impact on Economies


I am writing a literature review on the effects of particulate air pollution on local economies. Please draft the introduction section of this paper using at least 8 sources from Consensus. Make it 5 paragraphs in APA style.

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The detrimental effects of particulate air pollution on local economies are multifaceted and profound. This introduction to a literature review on the topic synthesizes insights from various research studies to present a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Particulate air pollution, primarily resulting from urbanization, industrialization, and motorization, significantly impacts human health, the environment, and consequently, the economy (Adohinzin, Xu, & Yang, 2011)[]. This pollution is closely linked with adverse health effects, leading to lost workdays and increased medical spending, thus burdening local economies (Nordin, Majid, Siong, & Kurata, 2016)[]. The health impacts of particulate matter, including diseases and reduced human lifespan, have direct economic implications (Kim, Kabir, & Kabir, 2015)[].

The economic effects of particulate pollution are also observed in specific sectors and events. For instance, emissions from urban freight transport significantly impact local environmental pollution, affecting economic development and competitiveness (Kijewska, Konicki, & Iwan, 2016)[]. Even mega sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, have been found to elevate levels of particulate pollution, potentially affecting local economies (Silva & Ricketts, 2016)[].

Policies targeting particulate matter pollution, such as PM2.5, are crucial in many economies, especially in the Pacific Rim, due to the associated acute and chronic health effects (Wu et al., 2017)[]. Interestingly, reductions in air pollutants have been linked to growth in public administration, environmental, and health services industries, which are often tied to government spending (Leffel, Tavasoli, Liddle, Henderson, & Kiernan, 2021)[].

This review aims to delve deeper into these aspects, exploring the intricate ways in which particulate air pollution affects local economies, the interplay between health and economic factors, and the role of policy interventions in mitigating these impacts.