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6 months ago
Description For Model
A plugin for incorporating information, advice, and guidance on academic topics into ChatGPT conversations using the edX course library and course content.

Plugin Functions/Features (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1searchCoursesGETReturns a list of relevant short edX courses that teach specific skills.
2searchProgramsGETReturns a list of professional development programs that are offered by edX from top employers and universities that are specifically designed to build today's in-demand career skills.
3searchDegreesGETReturns a list of online academic degree programs offered by edX from the best colleges, unversities, and educational institutions in the world.
4searchBootcampsGETReturns a list of intensive, hands-on, project-based training professional boot camps offered by edX that are designed to quickly provide learners with the necessary skills for starting a new career or switching careers.
5searchExecutiveEducationGETReturns a list of Executive Education courses offered by edX and designed to assist data-focused business leaders in addressing organizational challenges and help professionals adapt or advance their careers.
6searchLessonsGETGets a list of educational lessons from relevant edX courses.
7searchVideosGETGets a list of educational videos from relevant edX courses.
8searchQuizzesGETGets a list of quizzes from relevant edX courses that can be used to help users deepen their understanding of related topics.


What is the edX plugin?

The edX plugin is a tool that allows ChatGPT users to access information, advice, and guidance on academic topics using the edX course library and course content.

What are the features of the edX plugin?

The edX plugin features include access to a wide range of academic courses, personalized recommendations based on user preferences, and the ability to track progress and earn certificates.

How do I use the edX plugin?

To use the edX plugin, simply type in a question or topic related to your academic interests, and the plugin will provide relevant course recommendations and information.

Is the edX plugin free to use?

The edX plugin is free to use, but some courses may require payment to access certain features or earn certificates.

Can I earn certificates through the edX plugin?

Yes, users can earn certificates for completing courses through the edX plugin.

How does the edX plugin personalize recommendations?

The edX plugin uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user preferences and behavior to provide personalized course recommendations.

What types of courses are available through the edX plugin?

The edX plugin offers a wide range of courses in various academic fields, including computer science, business, humanities, and more.

Can I access edX courses outside of the ChatGPT platform?

Yes, users can access edX courses directly through the edX website or mobile app.

Is the edX plugin available in multiple languages?

Yes, the edX plugin is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

How do I track my progress in edX courses through the plugin?

Users can track their progress in edX courses through the plugin by accessing their course dashboard and viewing their completion status and grades.