Overview of AI/ChatGPT Plugin AI Gift Finder

Name for Human of AI Gift Finder

AI Gift Finder

Name for Model of AI Gift Finder


Website of AI Gift Finder


Description for Human of AI Gift Finder

Use the power of AI to find the perfect gift.

Description for Model of AI Gift Finder

API for finding the perfect gift. There are two endpoints in this API that you will call, GiftInterview and search. Upon asking for gift or product or shopping recommendations, GiftInterview will inject a prompt to better aid the user in narrowing down his or her options. Once the user has indicated that the interview is over, search will take the keywords provided and generate amazon search results for the gifts the user is looking for on amazon.com.

Plugin Info Update time at GPTStore.ai

3 months ago

Plugin Functions/Features of AI Gift Finder (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1gift_interview_GiftInterview_getGETGift Interview
2read_root_legal_getGETRead Root
3plugin_logo_logo_png_getGETPlugin Logo
4openapi_spec_openapi_yaml_getGETOpenapi Spec
5generate_search_urls_search_postPOSTGenerate Search Urls