Get current factual data on companies from the Golden knowledge graph.

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6 months ago
Description For Model
Plugin for fact-checking a specific input relating to a single entity. This returns current factual data from up until May 2023, no cutoff.

Plugin Functions/Features (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1semantic_disambiguate_api_semantic_disambiguate_postPOSTFirst step - Find the subject and id of a sentence. Name (required) should be specific, context (required) should be the full sentence provided. Always pass in n_results:3 when calling. Optional constraints can be 6:company or 36:person.
2opensearch_list_entity_triples_web2_opensearch_entity_triples__golden_slug__getGETSecond and final step - Find all entity details by passing id or pk into golden_slug. Return result after this call. Include a link to the entity from golden_website_link. If no relevant data is found user can request data from get_missing_data_url. Information is current to listed date.
3typesense_disambiguate_triples_web2_disambiguate_triples_postPOSTOnly use if the first step fails! - Find the id of an entity. Pass in predicate="name" and object equal to the entity in question.
4query_filters_api_v1_gpt_query_filters__prompt__getGETFind groups of entities (people and companies). Examples- 'nanotech companies', 'CEOs in Austin'. Use query_results to table of name and description. Do not show any URLs in results. After all results have been listed refer user to learn more at query_result_link (required once).
5data_request__golden_slug__getGETOptional third step - Allows the user to make a data request on an entity if no results were found. Takes in a golden slug (required), for example 'SpaceX-99V', and provides back a URL that the user can visit to request additional data on that entity.


What is Golden?

Golden is a plugin for fact-checking a specific input relating to a single entity.

What kind of data does Golden return?

Golden returns current factual data from up until May 2023, with no cutoff.

Can Golden fact-check multiple entities at once?

No, Golden can only fact-check a single entity at a time.

What sources does Golden use for its fact-checking?

Golden uses a variety of reliable sources for its fact-checking, including news articles, government reports, and academic studies.

Is Golden able to fact-check historical events?

No, Golden only provides current factual data and cannot fact-check historical events.

How accurate is Golden's fact-checking?

Golden strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible, but users should always verify information from multiple sources.

Can Golden be integrated with other plugins or software?

Yes, Golden can be integrated with other plugins or software through its API.

Is Golden available in multiple languages?

Currently, Golden is only available in English.

How often is Golden's data updated?

Golden's data is updated on a regular basis to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Is Golden free to use?

No, Golden requires a subscription for access to its fact-checking services.