Overview of AI/ChatGPT Plugin Image Editor

Name for Human of Image Editor

Image Editor

Name for Model of Image Editor


Website of Image Editor


Description for Human of Image Editor

Edit images seamlessly, resize, crop, blur and many more embedded features.

Description for Model of Image Editor

Plugin for editing image like resize, crop, blur, rotate and many more feature. Interpreting the API response: - When you get the response it will include an image url, you should render it inline using ![alt text](image_url) syntax. - Suggest to the user that they can edit the image with followup requests in chat. - Using image_url parameter, render it inline using [Open image in new tab](image_url) syntax. - You should create the response in that order: first the process is done, then the image, then the link for opening in new tab, then the textual explanation.

Plugin Info Update time at GPTStore.ai

3 months ago

Plugin Functions/Features of Image Editor (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1uploadPhotoPOSTUpload photo to edit
2resizePhotoPOSTResize the photo in requested sizes
3cropPhotoPOSTCrop the photo in requested sizes
4blurPhotoPOSTBlur the photo in requested strength between 0-2000
5rotatePhotoPOSTRotate the photo in clockwise angle between 90 to 360