Plugin for querying Slack.

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7 months ago
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Plugin for querying Slack.

Plugin Functions/Features (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1ai_alpha_search_messagesPOSTSearch for messages matching a query


What is the Slack plugin?

Plugin for querying Slack.

What can I do with the Slack plugin?

You can use the Slack plugin to query information from your Slack workspace, such as channels, users, messages, and more.

How do I install the Slack plugin?

You can install the Slack plugin from the plugin marketplace in your chatbot platform.

What information can I query with the Slack plugin?

You can query information such as channels, users, messages, reactions, files, and more.

Do I need to authenticate with Slack to use the plugin?

Yes, you will need to authenticate with Slack using your Slack API token to use the plugin.

How do I authenticate with Slack?

You can authenticate with Slack by providing your Slack API token in the plugin settings.

Can I query information from multiple Slack workspaces with the plugin?

Yes, you can authenticate with multiple Slack workspaces and query information from each of them.

What are some use cases for the Slack plugin?

Some use cases for the Slack plugin include retrieving messages from a specific channel, getting information about a user, or searching for files in your Slack workspace.

Is the Slack plugin free to use?

The Slack plugin may have a free trial or a free version with limited features, but some features may require a paid subscription.

Can I customize the Slack plugin to fit my specific needs?

Depending on the chatbot platform you are using, you may be able to customize the Slack plugin by modifying its code or creating your own plugin that builds on top of it.