Coupons by Tenere

Coupons by Tenere - Get the Best Deals & Coupons on Millions of Products At Over 50,000 Online Stores.

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5 months ago
Description For Model
A plugin that offers a comprehensive list of coupons, promos, and discounts from various online stores and brands worldwide. Assistant will reply with the following 3 paragraphs 1) List coupons, each display as a html button 2) Link to show more coupon 3) Link to read reviews about Store/Brand. If the prompt contain some keywords can be used by this plugin: 'today best deals'

Plugin Functions/Features (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1getCouponsByStoreGETReturns a list of available coupons by input Store alias
2getCouponsByEventGETReturns a list of available coupons by input Event name
3getCouponsByCategoryNameGETReturns a list of available coupons by input Category name
4getTodayDealsGETReturns a list of today's best deals