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Zapier can talk to any of 20k+ actions the user has exposed. Actions are single tasks (EG: add a lead, find a doc), Zaps are workflows of actions. Start new chat to refresh actions. Markdown links are relative to

Plugin Functions/Features (Plugin API Document)

Operation IdHTTP MethodDescription
1search_all_actionsGETSearch through all actions Zapier supports, even if they are not exposed. Because new actions may have been added by the user, you should call this endpoint with `include_exposed=true` to get the latest list of exposed actions.
2preview_a_zapPOST(Beta!) Given a natural language description of a multistep Zap, return a possible definition of the Zap.
3get_configuration_linkGETProvides a link to configure more actions. Alternatively, searching through apps and actions will provide more specific configuration links.
4list_exposed_actionsGETList all the currently exposed actions for the given account.
5get_execution_log_endpointGETGet the execution log for a given execution log id.


What is Zapier?

Zapier is a plugin that allows you to automate tasks by creating workflows of actions.

How many actions can Zapier talk to?

Zapier can talk to any of the 20k+ actions that the user has exposed.

What are actions in Zapier?

Actions in Zapier are single tasks that can be automated, such as adding a lead or finding a document.

What are Zaps in Zapier?

Zaps in Zapier are workflows of actions that can be created to automate tasks.

How do I refresh actions in Zapier?

You can start a new chat to refresh actions in Zapier.

What are Markdown links in Zapier?

Markdown links in Zapier are links that are relative to